The Palace Road, India fragrance contains a heart of Jasmine Noir. The scent is sweet and narcotic but headily floral with an animalic, enveloping background which can be very sweet and powerful.

Jasmine falls in the Sensual Floral facet of the Perfume triangle and is one the most expensive and exotic of all materials in perfumery. It has been dubbed the ‘King of Oils.’ Florals are the Heart of the perfume. The Sensual Floral Facet is the sweet and heady sub facet of the floral facet. All the flowers within this sub facet are white. White is not a colour that is attractive to pollinators, and because of this the blossoms have a special fragrance. They also contain ‘indole’, a sensual and animalic molecule. The aroma when it reaches the brain triggers both flowers and sensuality.

The term Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmine’ which means ‘fragrance’. In Asian cultures, the oil is used to help with meditation and is thought to stimulate feelings of joy and harmony. It is also used for ceremonial purposes.

It takes about 8000 carefully hand-picked blossoms to make a gram of Jasmin Absolute.
To extract jasmine, the essential oil in the flowers is extracted through enfleurage methods. It takes about 8000 carefully hand-picked blossoms to make a gram of Jasmin Absolute. Jasmine originates from the Far East, but can also be found in Europe and North Africa. The Jasmine from Grasse in France is considered the finest and most highly prized. However, untenable labour costs means there are very few fields still left in cultivation as such it is rarely used in production today. The more common Jasminum sambac, which is a native plant of South and Central India, is used instead. It is an evergreen dwarf shrub with attractive sweet white blossoms in great profusion in the hot seasons.
Strongly scented with a white corolla, the flowers open at night and close during the day.

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