Do you remember the night you proposed to me? The chilly evening held so much promise for our young love. We had been living together for a while and you brought me so much joy. I walked with you from our flat on Earls Court Road to the station, my heels clacking on the pavement in the cool autumn air. This was a special night - I could feel there was something different tonight - you had planned an evening of romance and fun.

On the noisy Picadilly Line, as you held onto the grip overhead, I curled into your dark jacket and could feel your heartbeat through your shirt. We were off to the magnificent Royal Opera House to see a new production of Verdi’s 'I Masnadieri'. Can you remember the way I held your hand tightly as we got our tickets, with no idea of the beautiful spectacle that awaited me? You always knew how much I loved opera. The seats in the grand, red and gold amphitheatre achingly close to the opera singers, the emotion and music so amplified and alive.

In the interval, we drank flutes of champagne and I became convinced that tonight would be a momentous occasion - tonight perhaps you wanted to ask me something. Butterflies flitted across my stomach. There was a frisson of anticipation.
Dinner was in our favourite restaurant on Dover St.  We traipsed past galleries and boutiques, I still felt I was floating on a cloud of arias. Do you recall how we chose our favourite table, the smallest little one there and how we loved being cramped and close together, how we chose our favourite meal and laughed and loved. We came home. And do you remember the look in my eye, my surprise when you got down on one knee and asked me if I would be yours, how the tears fell from my cheeks as I said yes.

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