The Chiang Mai, Thailand Fragrance

Let the enticing charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand envelop, caress and cocoon you in a serene embrace. This deeply relaxing scent evokes the wonder-inspiring temples and architecture of Thailand’s opulent history and heritage, as well as sun-kissed warmth and verdant flora and vegetation.

This exotic fragrance, redolent of the ancient Lanna kingdom, layers heady tuberose and orchid on a bed of palm leaves and lush tropical plants. Zingy mouth-watering notes of lemon and pineapple and fresh, vibrant green leaves combine with a garland of white flowers at its heart - jasmine, ylang-ylang and gardenia.

Warm smiles, tempting dishes and serene temples, buzzing night- markets and dewy, fresh fruit. Explosions of colour amid spa-like tranquillity. After a relaxing massage, I am walking through a traditional village, in awe of the rich vegetation as the sun lights the ornate roofs of the shimmering temples and the paddy fields. Under my feet is dewy leaf green and sweet jasmine bathes my skin.

Top notes: Green leaves, Pineapple, Lemon
Heart notes: Tuberose, Orchid, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang
Base notes: Musk