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Creating & Composing our Fragrances

We have worked with perfume houses to create complex, multi-layered fragrances that are both inspirational and aspirational.

Our Collections

Let Grand Canal captivate your mind and transport you to the enchanting city of Venice. Learn more.

Fall in love with the islands of the Seychelles. Learn more.

Drink up the atmosphere of fresh and cosmopolitan London. Learn more.

Immerse yourself in the ornate splendour of colourful, beautiful India. Learn more.

Let the enticing charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand envelop, caress and cocoon you in a serene embrace. Learn more.

Drift to the mysterious heart of Africa, with this rich and musky Ngorongoro fragance. Learn more.

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We have worked collaboratively with perfume houses to create fragrances we are proud of. Fragrances that are complex yet subtle, that reflect not only the journeys and locations of our collections but also our memories of them. Our fragrances contain a balance of top, heart and base notes so that the fragrances last longer and evolve as you use them. We are serious about our fragrances, and are members of the Fragrance Foundation.

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